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America x Reader: Promenade
i’m trash. enjoy this anyway
“Make it quick, (N/n)! The surprise can’t wait!” Julchen screamed. You huffed, fixing your dress, “It’s so difficult to walk in this!”
You caught up with her by the door of the auditorium, putting your hands on your knees. You were wearing an 18th century styled silk dress. The cloth was ivory, complete with petticoat and pastel (f/c) lace around its edges with flowers embroidered here and there. Your (h/c) hair was pulled into a simple ponytail and you wore matching earrings. You wanted to wear flats, but Julchen had insisted you wear matching heels, and so it was quite a pain to walk.
The long haired albino that was wearing her navy blue dirndl with a white apron and white shirt. Her hair was in two braids, both tied with azure ribbons. She wore white socks with black doll shoes. On her face a mischievous grin, which meant something was up.
“I didn’t even want to change this early, you know,” you
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2p America x Reader Sorry
Al stared at the floor with a guilty expression while you glared daggers at him from a few feet away.  Between the two of you was a broken picture of the two of you.  The glass shards were scattered across the floor and the frame looked cracked but the picture inside seemed okay.  But that didn’t stop you from being upset.
How had Al broken the picture?  Well, he got into a fight with his brother.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  The two of them fought all the time.  You didn’t really like that they fought, but you accepted that that was just how they showed that they cared for each other.  You only had one condition though; if they got into a physical fight, they do it outside.  Because you did not want something getting broke.  But, of course, Al didn’t listen.  The two fought and when Al was slammed into the wall, the picture fell to the ground.  Matt took one look at it and left.  He knew better
:iconhmwwawcciawcccw:hmwwawcciawcccw 4 3
Spy America X Reader: Spying
Spy America X Reader: Spying
Bla bla bla spelling mistakes and bla bla bla
I hope you enjoy it! =D
[Your in America's mind]
"So America, You know what you doing right?" England said passing a folder to me.
"Sure, I know what I'm doing, Dude. I am the hero around here" I grinned.
England sighs "Right.... You need to keep an eye on her. She is a new Country, So we don't know much about her"
"Go it! Whats her name again?"
"It's ___________ __________, Age 20. She's alone and lives with her cat. Single and never been married."
"Oh I see...... Is she hot?"
"Hahaha I'm just joking. Man, You should have seen your face!" I laugh again.
"J-Just get it done and be off now" England walks off.
I open the folder and see the picture of the person I need to spy on......... ________ ________.
"God I hate wearing suits, There so itchy" I scratch my neck.
I was in front of _____________'s place, behind a tree. It was 9Am and waiting for her to come out.
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2p America x Reader
How to get rid of an art-block~
Your P.O.V
Staring blankly at the  paper in front of you, the irritation within you kept growing.
“* Sigh*. Why can't I come up with something to draw?! What's wrong with me?!” you groaned loudly and place your face down on the table/desk. When your best way to express yourself is to draw, or creating things in general, the probably worst thing that could ever happen to you was to get an art-block. No matter what you tried to draw, no matter what you did you couldn't seem to bring yourself to began.
“Whatever, I give up.” you mutter sourly  before leaving the table and fell onto your bed. Still feeling pretty frustrated you lay on your bed and listened to the familiar silence of your home... along with the sound of a pair of approaching footstep? Though you might have been worried for a split second or so at first, you remained calm. Without lifting your face from your favourite pillow you grabbed another cushion and hur
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America x Reader Stranded Ch.1
WARNING: Mentions of gore and death, don’t like don’t read.

“How can this vacation be over already?!” (Y/n) groaned, her best friend Alfred just chuckled. (Y/n) and Alfred were on their way home from a spring break vacation in Rio that Alfred surprisingly arranged for the both of them, resort hotels on the beach, high class food and non stop fun. It was no problem for Alfred since his parents Arthur and Francine (yes i went there) were practically rich and they loved (Y/n) like family since her parents worked too much to spend time with their only daughter, so naturally Alfred and (Y/n) grew up together. Currently they were flying over Caribbean after hopping from various places in South America due to some mix ups and were set to be in Florida by morning. (Y/n) wasn’t fond of plane rides mostly because it was uncomfortable espec
:iconk-9alphawolf:K-9AlphaWolf 5 3
Mature content
2p!America x Reader: I Don't Fear Death Ch.35 :icon1startwinkle:1StarTwinkle 72 62
America x Reader: Rainy Days
“What is taking him so long?” (f/n) said looking at the time on her phone. “He said he was going to be here by now.”
“Gah!” (f/n) cried out almost dropping her phone on the floor. “I swear if that is him!” she said shoving her phone in her pocket and grabbed a medium sized lunch box that she filled with food. Then opened the door and walked out of the house to see if Alfred was here.
“Hey (f/n)!” Alfred waved as he stepped out of his vehicle.
“Hey Alfred.” (f/n) walked to Alfred with arms crossed.
“Sorry for being late dude. Francis brought Arthur to my house last night and I had to drop him off home before I came here.” Alfred said running his fingers through his hair.
“You could have at least called me or texted me letting me know you would have been late.” (f/n) said.
“Ok ok ok.” Alfred said. “I will let you know next time.”
Pit pat pit pat
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T.I.H.A.C. CH 1 (Popular!America x Reader)
Chapter 1 - The Formation
You were a 'nerd'. All just because you were smart and got grades higher than another average student's. You didn't really mind it or care - the nerds in books and films were always the coolest ones to you anyways. Plus, what was so wrong with being a nerd?
You huffed and shook your head, closing your locker door. You began walking along the busy hall of students mingling and walking about. You didn't really have any friends but one person, so you usually found yourself walking alone to places.
"(y-y/n)!" A voice suddenly called.
You looked over your shoulder to see the students miraculously parting like the Red Sea.
Your best friend Scarlet stood there with a huge grin on her pretty little face. Her makeup was light but nicely done, enhancing her nearly perfect features. Her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair was flawlessly thrown back behind her, as per usual. Her bright blue eyes were sparkling with genuine happiness just seeing you. And of course, she was dre
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Mature content
Yandere!2p Canada x Chubby! Reader :iconchub-reader-inserts:Chub-reader-inserts 15 3
Prison Bitch: Part 5 (End: America X Reader)
What woke you up was a lack of air. Your breathing was ragged and your chest and throat hurt. Feeling more than a little weak you laid down on your side and curled up in a ball. Nothing was obstructing your breathing, you were alone. Safe.
But there was still that lingering pain.... Like you'd been stangled or something.
You rubbed your head, trying to remember what you'd been dreaming about.... You'd forgotten. So you pushed it aside as unimportant. If you couldn't remember it, it probably wasn't worth your time. You'd probably had one of those dreams where you'd been drowning again. Or something...
Sitting up painfully you looked around the room. It was clean, wooden floors shining from a good polishing, light raining down on you from the window behind, a table to your side, and an empty chair beside it. You furrowed your eyebrows, where was Alfred? It was... Strange not to see him by your side. He was usually like some other kind of leech.
So where was he?
You had the worst feeling
:iconvienna13:vienna13 200 109
America x Reader: Diary Entries.
Hello, diary-chan! Do you want me to tell you a story? Well, here it is.
Alfred F. Jones. A model, and is popular and known for his looks. He is said that he has two brothers, Arthur and Matthew. Will it be funny if I tell you that we were childhood friends? Will it be funny if I told you he was the first guy I loved? Well, face it or not, it's true.
I remember like it was just yesterday. I met him in a park, crying because of the scrape on his knee. He fell from those monkey bars. At first, I found it funny. I mean, really? A boy crying? Isn't that a little? You know. Anyway, that was the start of our friendship. When I had helped him up, he stopped crying and even told me that he will be the hero to my heart. Isn't that sweet? Well, it all changed sadly. Our usual meet-ups in the park would be cut close, since he started modeling when he was around 8, I think. He was actually popular with girls. He modeled children's clothes. For boys, okay? Hahaha! Throwback Thursday!
:iconaureaida:aureaidA 45 17
Prison Bitch (PrisonerAmericaXFramedReader)
Prison Bitch
This gets dark really fast! Fair warning!
It was an accident.
You had never meant to end up in prison.
Yes you had a crazy family that were a bunch of murderers but out of all of them it had to be YOU that was sent to jail. The good kid. The straight A student. The one who never got into trouble. All of that ruined in one freak accident.
Let's start from the beginning, with your family. You had three brothers and a father, your mother was dead.
There was Francois, your father. Big time drunk and gambler, who basically wasted all money left over. He was better before your mom died but... He was still pretty bad.
Next there was your oldest brother Oliver. He was cheerful and loved everyone, maybe a bit too much. You weren't sure but you never liked to be alone with him. He owned a bakery which was where most of the income came from. By far Oliver was the most normal, besides the fact he was a cannibal but hey that was less money to spend on meat. You tried to get used to it.
:iconvienna13:vienna13 707 188
2p America x Reader-My own private prison-Chapter1
2p America x Reader-My own private prison
Allen was lonely. Very lonely.
The red haired american didn't live in complete isolation, he could always visit his family when he
wanted to. But he felt another kind of lonely. The poor guy just wanted some love.
He didn't really care about sexuality but since he wanted to have a family, he was looking for a girl.
The past few years he had one affair after another and countless one-night-stands, but now, in his
mid-twenties, he felt like settling down.
His brother Matt would laugh at him for being too soft if he could hear his thoughts, but he didn't
Good, all the sex didn't really hurt him and he was quite proud of all the experience it got him, but
he wanted someone who loved him whole, not just his body. Someone who could look past his
rough exterior. And his past.
For his young age, 25, his criminal record was long, really long.
He just had a very short temper. One wrong look and he would beat a guy up.
And he was a bit lazy,
:iconorangecatchan:Orangecatchan 123 12
Scary Movies {America x Reader}
       "Come on, _______! Japan won't watch it with me!"Alfred begged, you shook your head "No"You said.  "Come on, Dudette!"He begged some more, you sighed "Why don't you get Tonny to watch it with you?"You asked.  "He's no fun! He doesn't curl up with me when he gets scared!"He complained, sitting down next to you.
        "Alfred, I...*sigh*fine, only if you do something"You said "Anything" He said "Alright"You said.  He waited for more "I'm not telling you what it is yet"You said, he stood up and turned on whatever scary movie he had.
        He sat back down, you got comfortable, putting your legs over his lap, he looked at you.  You looked back at him "Actually, do you have some popcorn?"You asked, he laughed "You know I do!"He said.  He got up and got the two of you popcorn, he returned, you sat up right.
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