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Mature content
Sweet Devil!America x Angel!Reader-Please Pt.6 :icondina-soar:Dina-soar 16 20
Mature content
2!P America x Female!Reader Chapter 3 Taken :iconthatwinterssolstice:thatwinterssolstice 2 0
2p America x Reader Partners in Crime Part 3
Y/N brushed her hand through her hair, some hair came out. She began to sob. If only Allen would burst through the doors and come save her from this hell whole. Instead it was Officer Cassidy. "The Doctor will be here in an hour." She informed.
"Look I'm only doing this so Francis will buy my food for the next year, so don't get used to me bailing out criminals." Alfred pushed up his glasses. He was on the police force himself and held a high up position. "My doll is not just some criminal, You pompous jar of dicks!!! She's MY criminal!!!" Allen was about to slam Alfred into the wall when Matt and Oliver held him back.
"Al! Calm the fuck down! This guy is trying to help us don't fucking blow it like the last time!" Matt screamed. "Please do excuse they two... they get very violent sometimes." Oliver apologized for the two men's behaviour. "Yeah, I can see that. So anyways the long part is tracking her. The system has just been updated and everyone has to get reregistered
:icon2pnyoamerica707:2pnyoamerica707 3 0
Mature content
2!P America x Female!Reader Chapter 5 Asleep Again :iconthatwinterssolstice:thatwinterssolstice 2 0
Smoke and mirrors [Hitman Jones x reader] 1

His fists wrapped tightly in bandages, the crimson velvet seeped through the white to stain in blotches. Tears stung at the side of his eyes as he felt a burning sensation on his hands, the constrictor like bandages doing no help whatsoever. The warm sun rays cast a bright glow on his back, illuminating it into a blinding white. He glanced out the window pane briefly, his ears suddenly catching what sounded like the laughter of children, indulging themselves in a playful game of soccer on the green strokes of grass.
A small smile upturned his lips as he watched them in wonder, yet it was tainted by the sin of envy. He'd never played with other children, or even was able to elicit such an innocent sound of laughter like they. He pressed his cheeks on the invisible barrier, staring at the two kids as they kicked the ball around the ground. His frozen fingertips were pressed firmly against the hot glass, melting what felt like ice that formed on his fingers from stayin
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 18 3
Everlasting Summers Chapter 1 2p! FACE X Reader
     “So its that time of year again, huh?” Allen looked up to the blinding blue sky, void of any clouds that might shield him from its rays. He smirked and pulled down his sunglasses to cover his eyes and turned to the bike near him. “Its ‘bout time I pay those bozos a visit anyways, they probably miss me.” He grinned to himself, thinking of the other three that suffered like he does.
    “Hopefully Franҫois actually comes this year” He added in, stepping onto the bike and rearing it up.
    He was off to Lilac Run, to the forest that took his life from him. But he had gotten over that a while ago. Well, sometimes it still hurt. To see people around you age. To see them fall in love and grow old with those they cared about. To see them die and be buried in the earth.
    He wondered what death felt like.
    Was it like life? Was it like feeling the air enter
:iconwatch-out-for-them:Watch-Out-For-Them 11 8
2p America x Reader-My own private prison-Chapter2
Chapter 2
Allen lay on his hard prison bed, his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling.
He was still waiting for your letter. He did try his best not to laugh while writing his answer.
Normally, when you were in prison and wrote to someone outside, you would try to look your best and write that you regret everything and are 'enlightened' and a new person.
Allen on the other hand wanted to see how fast he could creep you out.
He listed all of his crimes. All of them. All 42.
Nobody in their right mind would write a letter to someone who openly admits to being an overly aggressive criminal. He didn't expect you to answer.
Or so he thought.
A guard knocked on his cell-door. ''Jones, you got a letter''.
Allen jumped from his bed and went to the door to grab the letter.
He was more than curious now.
Who was this chick? Was she crazy? Maybe mentally ill?
He hoped not, he didn't like crazy chicks, he prefered the nice, innocent type.
Allen opened the letter and his face lit up.
The env
:iconorangecatchan:Orangecatchan 63 13
Bad Boy Love (2P!AmericaXReader) CH:6
You awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the wind whistling through the trees, as you tried to remember how you had gotten out in the woods it all came rushing together and you began to freak.
“Holy cow, I did it outside, IN THE OPEN?” you shrieked “What was I thinking?!” then you looked down at yourself, realizing you were stark naked you began to try to cover up or shield yourself from the openness of the forest but in your frantic gestures you forgot that Jason was in your close vicinity.
“DAMNNIT, CAN’T A MAN BASK IN THE TRIUMPH OF SEX AND NOT BE WOKEN UP BY SHRIEKING?!”  You heard Jason roar as he got up from his laying spot to glare at you.
“SHUT UP! WE ARE OUT IN THE OPEN AND YOU WANT ME TO NOT SHRIEK, WHAT IF SOMEONE SAW US?!?” you yelled back at him outraged by his nonchalant nature regarding where they were.
“If you keep screaming people will” he growled as he walked over to you and held you flush against h
:iconaewsomsause:aewsomsause 301 250
My Sweet Little Pen Pal (2P America x Reader)
Readers POV:
'Is this a good idea? I mean they do check them to see if they are safe and if they don't want to do the project I can just give them another assignment.'
"What is eating at you?" Vanessa said. Vanessa is another teacher at the university I worked at. She teaches math while I teach psychology.
"I'm thinking of doing a project with my students but i'm not to positive about it."
I say as I look back at the screen on my computer.
"Well, what is it?" she said. She then looked at the computer. "Pen Pal?"
"Yeah but the people my students will be talking to are inmates. Of course if some students don't feel comfortable doing it I will have something else planned for them." I explain while scrolling down the page showing the different inmates.
"What! You are going to have your students talking to killers?!" she says out loud with a look between worried and shocked.
"No, They only let the well-behaved inmates do this program. It even tells you what they are in for so i ca
:iconlilbreezy200:lilbreezy200 2 0
That person part 1 2pAmericaX2pReader
Warning: lot of cussing because this is the 2p world we're talking about.
You no like don't read. Hetalia not mine
You have been warned
My name is Al
Yes that my name, not to get mixed up by the bastard 1p me 'Alfred f jones'
Oh look at me I'm the hero and I save the day BULLSHIT
not to brag or anything but I'm way stronger and (ALOT FITTER) than that cheese burger son of a freak.
Anyways getting back to the deal, this is girl I really hate/like.
Her name is _____ but I just call her _(nickname 2p___ hates)
She has the most shiny ___2p(h/c)___ and softest hair I ever seen
Hold the fuck what am I saying? No one fucking actually made me talk this long
Even my 2p self obsess sis knows that.
I really hate my self..
~<day skip to Monday brought to you by Canada where if you call him America he'd hit you with a hockey stick>~
"Hey __(nn2ph)__!"
She looks up at me with her __2p e/c__ eyes
:iconask-jama:Ask-Jama 29 0
Thank You {Sleepy Ash x Reader}
"Mahiru, he's so cute! What's his name again?"
"Eh, it's Kuro. You want to hold him for a bit? He keeps on clawing my head." You nodded at your friend, quickly taking the cute black cat in your hands. You scratched the back of the cat's ears as he nudged into your hand. 
'He's so cute. Mahiru is so lucky to have him,' you thought. 
You were walking beside Mahiru, half-listening to his conversation as you two were walking back to his apartment. You lived close to him, so you would usually hang at his place. Besides, he cooked the most amazing food ever, you couldn't pass up the opportunity of his home-cooked meals. 
Once you both reached his apartment, you set Kuro down and started rummaging through the fridge to help Mahiru make dinner. 
"Mahiru-kun, your fridge is so neat and organized. I'm so jealous." You continued looking through his kitchen when you heard footsteps approaching you. 
Turning around to face your friend, your eyes widened. In fron
:iconkawaii--kiddo:Kawaii--Kiddo 14 3
Sleepy Ash x Servamp!Witch!Reader Part 2
... means another Name for kuro
Mahiru Pov
i saw another one of tsubakis suplasses "where did that guy come from whatever...(y/n) you know what to do righht?" (e/n) said "what do i have to do again?hihi just a joke" (y/n) said i saw (e/n) take out a stick "and one question why is my lead a stick?" "hihi why do you ask me?you choose you´re lead didn´t you?we can Chat later okay?i think i should take care of one of tsubakis supclasses right?" (y/n) said as she made her way to the supclass of tsubaki and quickly killed them "what did you want again (e/n)?" (y/n) asked "forgot it (y/n)" (e/n) said "seems like we found them good that they came to us it would be to much work if we would have to  search for them" kuro said "Ah!aren´t you three the servamps sloth,lust and pride right nice to meet you! but i already meet the servamp of sloth" (y/n) said as she made her way to lily and hyu (i think his name isn´t hyu in english but Hugh or somthing but i call him hyu)she
:iconcupcakequen:CupcakeQuen 16 0
Kuro Sleepy Ash X Reader: Chips (Servamp oneshot)
    It had been a long day at school. Between the school festival, helping Mahiru with fighting tsubaki with Kuro, and trying to keep up with homework, you were worn out. Your (h/l)(h/c) was a complete mess, and their were dark circles under your (e/c) eyes, and now all you wanted was to relax. On top of that your stomach was growling from hunger, and you needed to eat. As you made your way home, it felt as if someone was following you. This made you nervous, and it could have been anyone at this time of night. You prepared for the worse, and when you took your swing, it impacted kinda hard. "Ow!", you heard a familiar normally monotoned voice cry before he added," why would you hit a poor, defenseless, cute kitty like me!"
      You were pleasantly surprised it was Kuro, and yet slightly annoyed at the vampire for scaring you. You looked at him in his cat form. Then picked him up before saying,"YOU'RE NOT THAT CUTE! YOU SCARED ME, IT'S DARK OUT! By the way why
:iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 12 0
2p Canada x Reader Neighbors
You woke up to the sound of your alarm clock’s incessant beeping.  You sat up in your bed with a groan before pressing the button and stretching your arms above your head.  You heard your back give a satisfying pop and breathed a sigh of relief.
Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you stood up and walked out of your room.  As you headed towards the kitchen, you thought of what you wanted for breakfast.  You decided on just simple cereal and went into the cupboards to find the box.  You set it on the table before going to grab a bowl, the milk, and a spoon.
After you had your breakfast prepared, you went into the living room and sat down on the couch before turning on the tv.
After you finished breakfast, you put the bowl away and then went to your bedroom to change.  After getting dressed, you decided to go do some shopping.  Your cupboards were looking a bit bare, and you really didn’t feel like ordering out again for di
:iconhmwwawcciawcccw:hmwwawcciawcccw 7 10
America x Reader: Busted
As she entered the classroom, (y/n) rushed over to the nearest empty seat. She was an undercover officer posing as a high school student. Her job was to find and arrest any students that were dealing drugs. After countless hours of mental pep talks, she was definitely ready for this.
A boy in a varsity jacket sat down in the seat next to hers. (Y/n) watched as he pushed his glasses up his nose and made himself comfortable.
Checking the time, (y/n) saw there was still a few minutes of passing time left. She might as well use the opportunity to create networks with the students that would hopefully lead her to what she was looking for.
"Hey," she said, doing her best to sound like a high school junior. "What's up?"
The boy looked at her and blinked before a large grin spread on his face. "Hey, nothing much! Are you new here? I don't think I've ever seen you around before."
(Y/n) nodded. "Yeah, I just moved. My name's (y/n), what's yours?"
"Alfred," the boy said while extending his hand.
:iconwaterfallwonder:waterfallwonder 2 0
APH-FIFA: Go Asiaaaaa by Lo-wah APH-FIFA: Go Asiaaaaa :iconlo-wah:Lo-wah 1,191 97


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