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2p America x Reader Adults
“Al, Give me the remote!” you shouted as you wrestled Al to the floor.  He used his left hand to push you back while he held the remote above his head with the other.
“No!” he shouted back.  You grabbed his arm and pushed it away and tried to make a grab to the remote.  He tried to hold it farther away but you managed to grab his arm.
“The season finally of my show is on!  I’ve been waiting all week for it!” you whined as you pulled his arm towards you.
“The game is on!” Al responded.
“But the game is two hours long!  And my show will be on in a half hour!”  you argued.  Al tried to push you away but because of the position you were both in, he couldn’t get enough leverage.
“Just watch a re-run!”
“What on earth are you two doing?” Oliver asked, walking into the room.  You and Al froze before you shouted,
“Al is hogging th
:iconhmwwawcciawcccw:hmwwawcciawcccw 1 0
America!Bully X Fire!Reader [Request:GuardianArcha
America!Bully X FirePower!Reader [Request:Guardianarchangel]
“Hey loser hope you like dressing on your salad!” She heard him walk away.
She sat stiffly in her desk. She felt her blood boiling in anger. She could feel the sticky ranch coating her arms, chest and face.
 Absolutely disgusting… 
‘Keep calm, calm down now…’ she said to herself mentally as she inhaled a deep breath and counted to ten just like her therapist had taught her to do in the past. She was just at 6 when she heard his vicious cackling and suddenly felt her desk shake.
‘Great, now what?’ She opened her (Reader_Color) eyes and leered at him from the other side of the desk. She angrily wiped some of the dressing off and glared. The scent of McDonald’s filled her nostrils and his petty remarkably cocky expression curved the perfect smirk on his face.
There he was. Alfred Fucking Jones. “What do you want?” Sh
:icongloves94:gloves94 8 9
Ninjago x Reader #03- Cole/Dinner
Cole's turn, this oughta be good.
Y/N-Your Name
F/N-First Name
L/N-Last Name
F/D-Favorite Drink
E/C-Eye Color
H/C-Hair Color
F/C-Favorite Color
(I can't think of anymore for now)
“So, who's gonna be cooking tonight, just to make sure that I'm prepared for what to expect.” You told the ninja as you plopped down on the couch and they all stared at Cole, who couldn't hear them because he was listening to a classical rock song you believe you heard blaring from the headphones, if not it was orchestral dubstep, both are awesome. You walked over to him and he looked up and slid the headphones on his neck.
“Yeah Y/N?” He asked, the cutest smile on his face that made you barely blush and you didn't know why, you were for sure not in love with him, right?
“I believe it's your turn to cook tonight...I don't know for sure.” You said, scratching your neck awkwardly, the boy smiled and winked at you and then the others all got green to the face.
“Well then
:icongalaxygal-11:GalaxyGal-11 8 19
Ninjago Cole x Reader
School is so mean to me. If someone could show me how to do a description like you do for art, I will write them a fanfiction of any fandom I am actually somewhat familiar with. ON WITH THE STORY!
 You ran through the Bounty, screaming for Sensei.
"Don't let Cole kill me, Sensei!" You shouted.
"Give me back my cake!" Cole shouted, almost caught up to you. You gripped the plate of chocolate cake Zane had made. You and Cole always fought for the cake when he made it, making everyone avoid you.
"SENSEI!" You screamed.
"This is not my fight!" Sensei Wu replied loudly from his room.
"KAI!" You tried.
"I am not dying tonight!"
"I am busy cleaning up your mess!"
You ran into Nya's room and locked the door. You looked slightly surprised when you saw Nya with the Samurai Helmet of Evil. (Nya never really liked the
:iconanimus43art:Animus43art 5 2
Ninjago Cole! X reader!
You sit on your dragon, Air, your elbows resting gently on his head. You sigh boredly, slumping your face onto your arms. You then gasp, perking up in admiration. "Air, fly down." You point to a cave, to which Air looks up at you hesitantly before zooming down. He lands on his four claws, and you hop down, landing gracefully on your feet. "Let me know if anyone comes." You instruct quietly as you hold up a hand for him to stay, walking slowly down the dark cave. Air crouches down in slight fear, eyes only on you incase something popped up. You look around in awe, your mouth slightly agaped and eyes filled with wonder. You hear a soft thud from deeper into the cave, making your attention turn to the noise. "Hello?" You call. Air cautiously stands up on all fours, following you slowly. "Hello~wind ninja~." A deep voice purrs, echoing throughout the cave. You pull out your sword, walking around in circles as you look for the voice. "Who's there? Show yourself!" You demand. "Oh, I'm afraid
:iconkaylachampion:KaylaChampion 2 0
Ninjago: started as a fluke... cole x reader 1
so this is my first cole x reader as well as my first entry to ANYTHING I have made...well then lets get the madness started
(y/n) your name
(y/e) your element
(y/w) your weapon
(y/c) your color
(e/c) eye color
(h/c) hair color
It was a busy day to try and find the fang blades. First jamakai village where we followed zane's bird, then mega monster amusement park to interrupt jay's sort of, Now I was standing in my (y/c) jacket with my (h/c) hair dangling down my back at Cole's former home where his dad lived. "why do we have to give our weapons to you again?" I asked "I don't want to have to explain why I am carrying a giant syth around. Also my dad doesn't know I'm a ninja" I sighed and handed over my (y/w) of (y/e) and felt it slide
:iconwolflover324x:Wolflover324x 1 0
swim instructor pt. 2 - makoto tachibana x reader
Even though it was a simple outing that you and Makoto had scheduled just one week after your first swimming lesson, you still found yourself putting a little too much effort into your appearance. You two hadn't even labeled it as a date, but for some reason you were putting more effort into your appearance now than you had for a long time.
The previous week, a day or two after the swimming lesson that sparked your friendship, Makoto came over to your house like he said he would and you two attempted at cooking together. Attempted is a major key word. Everything started out fine, but when it was time to bake dessert, between ‘sampling’ the cookie dough and throwing it at each other playfully, a total of four cookies in all came out of that batch. But hey, that just meant that you two didn’t have to share with your siblings.
When the new week rolled around, you two planned to go out on an excursion together to the beach, which was your request. You wanted to go somewhe
:iconhemz4:hemz4 17 0
Edward Elric x reader: High School Sucks! Part 1
This is a story that i have just recently had the idea for only a few hours ago i thought that i would create it! by the way, the story has nothing to do with the series of Fullmetal Alchemist, this is just made for fun and a little bit of entertainment for everyone! This story of mine will include a lot of my own made up characters just to add a few of new faces to this and it will also include a lot of the characters from the series of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood! I havent seen much of it so i apologize if i have anything wrong in this with the descriptions.. but anyway! Thank you for all the support guys and there is no need to freak out about this story and say that i should follow the plot line or have a little more action! Well i believe is that maybe some fan fictions should be based on the every day struggle of school, the every day struggle of exams and friendship and bullying and fakes and a little rebelion! i hope you guys enjoy it and i hope you enjoy the rest of my fan
:iconvanitasluver123:Vanitasluver123 5 5
Wedding Hell: Chapter 1 (2P Canada x Reader)
Three Years Ago
Matthew walked in and stretched. He finally tracked, took down, and beat the shit out of a poacher he’s been hunting for well over a week. He didn’t know when he would be back but it felt good to come home to someplace warm. Not to mention being greeted to his girlfriend, who was wearing his sweat shirt, eating pancakes, and watching TV with Kumajiro on her chest. She smiled when he came in.
“You’re back!” Kumajro hopped off her and trotted to him. She flung her arms around him and kissed him, “Did you catch him?” he didn’t say anything but presented her the poacher’s infamous machete.
“He’s compost now,”
“Ooh, I like this one,” she said looking at the machete.
“Keep it then, wash it first,” she went into the kitchen to clean it off. It became second nature for her to clean things like this for him. He, on the other hand, got a beer and sat on the couch. They’ve been
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 397 263
Mature content
Matthew's Revenge (2P Canadian Provinces x Reader) :iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 123 87
HetaPasta Part I (2P!Canada x Reader)
Alfred was going to get revenge upon Matthew this time. For too long he’s been walking around unpunished so he was going to get him back for all of the shit he put him and ______________ through in Canada. He decided to go searching for his only means of revenge, Eoin’s Book. He finally managed to find it in the ocean after driving a few states over. He looked through the book to find a place he could send Matthew and (M/RC). It would be nearly as fun or vengeful. He started to flip through the pages until he found something on Ancient Worlds. That entire part was written in Old English. He took an Old English course in college, mainly because he really wanted to read some of the things Grandma had in her study when he came to visit. He kept flipping until he found something called Otherworld. He didn’t know what that meant but it had to be good. However, getting there was a bit…hard. He had to make an opening into something. So he decided to use a videogame
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 124 95
*Cabin In The Woods* Canada X Reader Part 1
*Cabin In The Woods*
Canada X Reader Part 1
At this point, you were still half asleep, it was so early! You were led on the couch in your boyfriend’s cabin you were staying in for the weekend. You were both up late last night and had fallen asleep on the couch.
You bolted up, your heart pounding with worry. “Oh God he’s broken his arm or something!” You panicked, shooting up and running to the sound of your boyfriend’s voice.
“Mattie? Mattie where are you? Are you ok!” You practically scream. You felt arms on your shoulders; spinning around you were eye to eye with your boyfriend.
“Mattie what’s wrong?”  
“(Name!) I. JUST. TAMED. A. MOOSE!” Beamed Canada.
“So you aren’t hurt?”
“Eh? Why would I be?”
Ok…You were glad he wasn’t hurt…But its freaking three o clock in the morning!
:iconlittlecuteinsaneboy:LittleCuteInsaneBoy 167 45
Spy!Reader x Country!Possessive!America Ch 1
A/N: I will say this in the description section later as well, I did not specify the country of the reader because I want you to pick a country yourself (real or imaginary). I know Gilbert is the personification of Prussia, I initially started the fanfic planning to write about East Germany under Soviet Russia's countrol, then I changed my mind. Just because Gilbert occasionally pop a few German words here and there does not mean you, my dear reader, have to be German!
In Love With the Enemy
Spy! Reader x Country! Possessive! America
Washington, DC
You sighed as you stepped out of the cab. The sky was grey and cloudy -- not the best weather to motivate you to start the most important mission of your life.
Yes, you are a highly trained secret agent. While some of your co-workers might be annoyed by the title "spy" for the types of work you do, but you couldn't care less.
In fact, you find it to be a more accurate description that "secret agent".
The reason is simple, many people could c
:iconavalon-kore:Avalon-Kore 56 5
America x Reader | Don't want to Love 1

I have loved so many women and a lot of them were mortals. I live an immortal life as a country; I’ll only die if my representation falls. I have witnessed my lovers get old, turn weak and die shortly soon after. I asked myself so many times why do I even bother to love someone whom can’t keep up with me? Or perhaps, it’s my fault for falling so hard. Life is unfair and it will stay like that for eternity but please, let me be with a woman who I can stay with forever.
As I walked through the busy streets of New York City, I felt droplets of water on my head and shoulders. I looked for a café to stay in for a while till the rain stops. As soon as I caught site of one, I rushed towards the door, a chiming of a bell was then heard. Shaking and rustling my hair and wiping my glasses, I went to the counter and ordered some regular coffee. The shop was pretty crowded at the moment, I was lucky enough to
:iconbasicjo:BasicJo 9 0
Mature content
Stalker!America x Reader: Like Animals (Pt. 1) :iconkyrap:KyraP 69 7
Mature content
My Dark Guardian (Demon!AmericaXReader) :iconmaximosblack:MaximosBlack 130 13


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